We Are Orbit Institute

We, the academicians, with boundless experience in competitive exam tutelage discipline, wish to reform the conservative and stodgy ideas in coaching segment. Our confidence level mounted on indestructible base to compete with any firm,as we were the pillars of miscellaneous educational alliances. In addition to, one of the educational system is a dedicated service;we strictly pursue it, and the other face is professionalism; that is our triumphant formula, the key factors which distinct us from the ancestors. In the last decade, the coaching arena was disseminated ,thats why the students could access any class from their locality itself. Orbit made a milestone in this context by establishing a full fledged academic hub in the hearts of nearby cities. The footsteps of Orbit were followed by many scholars whom we could guide their destiny; "the vibrant successful profession".We dream successive mornings with educational outcomes from our various branches located all over Kerala, 'God's own country'.


Reason Why Choose Orbit.


Continuation of dynamic methodology

The Orbit Institute of Science is synthesized by the introduction of new exploring technologies adapted.....

Progressive Assessment

In the curriculum based streaming of educational activities, every one, both from the side of parent and teacher....

Not imitating, but imitated

Our academic system is unique, it is highly evaluated that our past is our co-runner's present or even future. We are imitated in so many aspects such as Parent-Teacher communication....


It is an astounding privilege to be a delegate of the most reputed brand ORBIT. Being an ORBITOR- a member of orbit family...

Experienced and Dynamic subject experts

As part of the Directors,we keenly observe the new trends in coaching field. Hands-on learning is no longer a differentiator but our standard...

Standardized study modules

It broadly acclaimed that the integral root for a successful achievement in competitive exams is study materials, the crucial element...